There is a saying, “If you want to be the best that you can be, join the army. If you want to be more than you can be, buy a Tomas Frido”. You may scoff at the notion of a suit impacting your life that much, but with a Frido suit, it’s not merely the quality you’re purchasing, it’s the experience. Everything about Tomas Frido suits screams luxury. Whether it’s the ultra fine stitching that perfectly complements the individually crafted design. The elite, hand picked, exclusive European fabrics and materials that perfectly caress your body. Or perhaps, the look and feel that simply go unmatched in quality, appeal, and aesthetics.


Tomas Frido is the experience you have been waiting for. If you were rich before, you will feel even richer wearing it. And if you were poor before… Congratulations. You just found the only suit you may ever have to purchase. The craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into each and every Frido suit is one of a kind. It’s a suit that holds nothing back.  It’s ready to live and breathe your life with you, to hold you when you’re lonely, and to rock your world when you want to keep the party going.


The experience of a Tomas Frido suit isn’t simply the outstanding quality, the exclusive European design, or the hand crafted individually picked and customized materials. No. The experience of Frido goes beyond simply the materials of the suit. It is the rush of adrenaline that fills you as you pull your collar down. The grin that washes across your face as you stare at yourself in the mirror. The new pace in your step that’s erupted every time someone passes you on the street, and turns their head to look back.


When a suit looks this good on you, the world is yours to take. Success is your only solution, and superiority is the only result. Your best was good, but now it’s time to be more. See more. Experience more. Don’t settle for anything less than perfection. Don’t settle for anything less than a Frido.


Tomas Frido  – Be more than your best.